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Surabaya: Satelite Town Square
Phone : +6281343262720


Get your social media maintenance insight bundle for FREE


We partner with some of big company in the world as their agency partner

Complete Services

We help businesses all around the world reach their social media and digital marketing objectives

Social Media Growth

Gain real followers everyday and grow your social media with our secret marketing techniques

Social Media Management

Posts that inspire, educate and entertain, meticulously measured and reported upon in a simple to understand way

Digital Advertising

Grow your targeted audience, get awareness and engagement with very affordable advertising budget

Content Creation

Expertly crafted, SEO optimised copywriting, lead to organic search traffic to your business and build trust with your customers

SEO Complete Analytic

Improve search engine optimization, study the competition moves and reach new customers online

SEO Optimised

Create and control all your contents online and Improve Your Organic SEO Performance

Digital Marketing Funnel

Convert strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople

Email Campaign

Maintain your leads, customer, and give them education, information, and also transaction


Who We Are

Socialport is a part of BRANDPARK AGENCY that focusess to control client's online presence like contents, ads, report and manage them to convert visitor/followers/likers into valued customer

Since 2013, socialport has been worked with more than 300's clients, 100.000 contents creation, and gain millions of engagement online. We use some of powerfull tools and software to help us gain your business online presence. We also give complete analytic and report of your business

Serious Security

All of our software and tools are secure with official facebook and instagram partner API

No block, no shadow banned, or something that risky your social channel. All software and tools that we used are integrated with Facebook and Instagram partner API. No more worries like other services you join before


Why Us

Do not ever using 3rd party softwarefor bot auto like, follow, comment or somethingFACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM HATE IT !!Seriously! Your account is in danger if you still using it

What we do is secure your business, we do organic technique, helps by our partners that official facebook and instagram partner. So, your business is in a good hand
Parker Casio Patty, Founder


Become familiar with our pricing packages which are a great fit for any business:


$ 49 /month

Use our software like yoursAll Social Channel


Your own dashboard

Easy to schedule

Easy to analytic and report

Easy to content design


$ 99

Growth Plan IncludedAll Social Channel


15 contents creation

Daily Post (Scheduled)

Dedicated Team

Client's Dashboard


$ 199

Pro Plan IncludedPro Plan Included


30 contents creation

Up to 500 followers growth monthly

Up to 30.000 impression monthy

Landing page promotion


$ 299

All Plans IncludedMoney Back Guarantee


Email Campaign


Up to 1000 follower monthly

Up to 60.000 impression monthly

All Amazing Features Included

All features below are included to Business, Advance Plan above

Monthly SEO Analytic

We will give you report about your website condition in search engine

Free Fee Agency for ADS (Advance)

If you want to promote your product and create some "ADS". There is no fee agency anymore

Landing Page Builder

We provide our software to build your own landing page and also create 1 landing page ready to use for free

Linkinbio Builder

You need space in instagram to put all of your links. we provide linkinbio to helps you manage all

Chatbot Builder

We also provide chatbot system, so it will be your 24 hour customer service on your website

Profit Simulation (Advance)

We will setup landing page, shopping cart, email sequence, webinar, or chatbot simulation


If you running your own agency, we also provide plan for you




Number of Clients DashboardYou can manage and control your clients with our marketing and social media dashboard like yours

SEO DashboardAnalytic, Control and manage your clients website and online optimization

Social Media Content Creator DashboardLogin, Use and edit our ready to use contents (Video and Picture) and show to clients like yours

Email Campaign DashboardConnect your SMTP and sending your unlimited emails to unlimited contact you have

Landing Page and Giveaway DashboardCreate unlimited landing page for you or your client and running giveaway program for unlimmited

5Up To


UnlimitedVideo and Post Content

Unlimitedemails and contacts

UnlimitedLanding Page and Giveaways

20Up To


UnlimitedVideo and Post Content

Unlimitedemails and contacts

UnlimitedLanding Page and Giveaways

This is special offer to agency plan. If u running your own agency and stress to manage all your clients manual. This plan is best for you

We have contract deal at least 3 months. If you want more like 6 months or maybe 1 year, let us know and we talk about special price.

Frequently Asked Questions


No, agency plans means we provide all of our software, tools, and support, as an agency you will service your own clients. Charge them monthy or any kind of subscription you want


For this agency plan we provide 2 plans. Agency plan for up to 5 clients of yours, or Agency plus plan for up to 20 clients of yours. If your agency growth and need more clients slots, just let us know


When you grow it means we grow too. So as an agency you will join to our circle group, meet with another agency group, sharing, gathering, and learning, also help each other to grow together


Absolutly, all of our software are easy to use. We know that you dont need any tutorial, but we keep it for your if you want


Yes! take 6 months then we will give 20% off, or take 1 year contract and you will get 35% off


Yes, all of our plan is include with hosting!

Enterprise Plan

This plan is included with some of our main agency services from social media dashboard, website and landing page development, funnel planing and prediction, promotion, CRM, invoicing, hosting, etc.



1 companyAll feature social mediaFunnel-Planning, Prediction & SimulationReal-time website protectionPowerful SEO AnalysisUltimate Cart SystemPowerfull Landing Page BuilderUnlimmited HostingProject Management DashboardCustomer Relationship Management Giveaway/Promotion Builder



Up to 3 CompaniesAll feature social mediaFunnel-Planning, Prediction & SimulationReal-time website protectionPowerful SEO AnalysisUltimate Cart System Powerfull Landing Page BuilderUnlimmited HostingGiveaway/Promotion Builder Employee Payroll and AbsenceProject Management DashboardCustomer Relationship Management

Feature Include All Plans

What is enterprise plan

This plan is specific to big company, like governemnt, banking, factory, enterpise or consolidation business group

How about the our data?

All of our database is save on S3 AMAZON WEB SERVER and GOOGLE PLATFORM. It means all of your data save with us

What's the different with another plan

Off course you will get advance plan on social media, and 1 dedicated person to help anything you want, control any of your projects, and all of our sofware and tools to manage your entire business

This is monthy or?

Yes, the plans above are monthly subscription, if you want contract for more than 1 month, let us know and get special discounts

How about we want more "ADS" it is free?

Yes you can! and it is free Agency ads, means you will only prepare your ads budget, and we will create ads for you for free

Do you have guarantee?

Yes! if you need guarantee it means you will do anything like we prepare for you. Ads system, website concept and anything based on our strategyc plan. If we can reach our target. We will give back our fee 100%

Can't find suitable answer?

Ask our support team

"Complete Social Media and Online Presence Services"


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Client's Review

300++ Happy Clients


Devi Gunawan

Pentaroti Group

Socialport really helps our restaurant. They make some simulation before we start campaign. In just a month we collect more than 7500 leads in our email provider


Frans Lay

English Bake House

Before i met socialport. i did all things by my self, and using unofficial 3rd party software, that hurts my instagram and facebook account. Socialport helps me to create anything with facebook standart and finally my account back to normal.


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