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Privacy Policy

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

All the information that comes to us is confidential and it will not be sold to any other 3rd party as well until we have your permission to do it. Here we provide some details for you.

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Collection Of Information

We collect information from our clients for certain purposes which can be further used in order to ensure that they are able to access some aspects of the website. Creating IDs, email addresses, preferences, and some other personal details are collected and safely stored as well.

Email And SMS

There will be an online query waiting for you when you want to register with us. Our company is going to register for information so that we can respond to the query that you have along with providing communication services. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions when you want to join our branding agency in Jakarta.

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Web Browser Cookies

We might use some Cookies in order to enhance the performance of our website and also make sure that your experience here is amazing as well. The web browser cookies of the users are for keeping records and tracking information in some cases.


Our company assumes no particular responsibility for some contents of different websites to which the company has links as well.


We have a copyright in all the content that we provide to the people in our company and the content is only a part of our company and no one else. This content can be used for non-commercial purposes and personal use online. No part can be copied or posted online.

Contacting Us

In case you want to have a chat with us regarding the privacy policy of our company, there is no doubt that you will be able to contact us in order to get our services in the best way.

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