Surabaya: Satelite Town Square
Phone : +6281343262720

Surabaya: Satelite Town Square
Phone : +6281343262720

Make The Most of Every Guest

Lift revenue, personalize guest experiences, and build direct relationships with Revinate.

Hotel Marketing

Through Email Marketing, Guest CRM, and Upsells, Revinate Marketing will make it an easier way to drive revenue and build better guest relationships. 

Guest Surveys

Make the most impact with your guest feedback with request guest surveys and collect reviews for TripAdvisor or Google.

Online Reputation

Revinate Reputation is the best way to consolidate reviews, respond to guests, and boost your rankings online.


Unlock the power of your PMS data

Personalized, targeted marketing campaigns see 20% higher open rates, 70% higher click-thru rates and 73% higher revenue per recipient. Revinate’s Smart Segment Builder makes it easier than ever to segment your database by leveraging your PMS data, ensuring you send the right message to the right guest every time.

Revinate Puts Your Data to Work for Maximum Results


Higher revenue per recipient achieved with Smart Segmented campaigns


of Hotels on Revinate Marketing generate over 100% ROI


Average upsell revenue generated per hotel, per month

“Revinate has made it easy to create personalized communications for our database, leading to over $1 million in revenue in our first five months.”- Molly Collins, Hotel Charles


Automate the Guest Journey

You’re busy. Let Revinate Marketing do the work for you. Marketing automation allows you to communicate personally with your guests, based on where they are in their travel journey. Just set and forget!

Revinate Puts Your Data to Work for Maximum Results


Increased ranking on TripAdvisor by Revinate Surveys customers


Increase in new review volume on TripAdvisor seen by Revinate Surveys customers.

“I’m not paying for Revinate. I’m making money with Revinate.”- Tomo Kakegawa, Spero Hotel


Maximize the Impact of Your Guest Feedback

Revinate's Reputation and Surveys solutions help you leverage the power of guest feedback to optimize the guest experience, turn your guests into advocates on the most important channels, and send targeted marketing campaigns to your promoters and detractors.

Revinate Puts Your Data to Work for Maximum Results


of travelers worldwide say that online reviews impact their booking decisions


of travelers are more likely to book a room with a higher score, even if it means paying a higher rate

“We changed our strategy when we saw the possibilities of Revinate’s Technology. Our partnership with Revinate makes the success of 9Hotels.”- Renaud Biard, 9hotel Collection